Sarah Belle

Happy Heart Stacking Bracelet


"I nourish my heart with optimism." Through high-vibe crystals and thoughtfully designed jewelry, activate your awareness, elevate consciousness and empower your authentic expression to connect you to deeper aspects of your own inner light. 

The Happy Heart bracelet is designed to bring joy, optimism and wellbeing to the heart. It is made with rose quartz for imparting emotional balance and bringing harmony to all relationships; citrine for happiness, confidence and success; sunstone for joy and optimism; turquoise howlite for speaking your truth with ease; new jade for positivity; recycled African glass for instilling oneness and connection; and green flourite for bringing clarity to the heart. Allow these energies to uplift the heart and nourish your soul's higher expression.

  • Approx 7.5"L
  • Stretchy elastic cord 
  • Comes packaged with a description card.
  • Natural stones will vary slightly in color.
  • Accent stones may vary slightly in shape and size from what it shows.
  • Colors may vary with different viewing devices.

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